Alexandroupoli Airport

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Alexandroupoli Airport 'Dimokritos'

25° 57’ 22” E 40° 51’ 21” N

The civil airport of Alexandroupolis “Democritus” is located at a distance of about 7,0km east of the city of Alexandroupolis in the Prefecture of Evros in Thrace (North-Eastern Greece) and was created in its original form in 1944.


  • Bar 
  • Hellenic Duty Free Shops
  • Parking: It has approximately 230 parking spots.
  • Car rental companies

Avis | Phone no:+30 25510-45173
Europecar | Phone no:+30 25510-81290
Evroscar | Phone no:+30 25510-45323
Hertz | Phone no:+30 25510-45408
Prima | Phone no:+30 25510-45409
Sixt | Phone no:+30 25510-45499


Βy Bus: The starting point for buses in front of the building terminal at the airport. From Alexandroupolis city (Plateia Eleytherias) every one hour. The duration is about 20 minute to the airport with a fee of about 0.90€. 
Phone no: +30 22510-28844. Information routes in the following address:
By Taxi: The duration to the airport is about 10 minutes with a fee of about € 10.00.
  • Alexandroupolis radio taxi: Phone no: +30 25510-33500

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