Marine Life and Findings Museum

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Marine Life and Findings Museum

The Marine Life and Findings Museum of Stavros Valsamidis is located in ​​Vlychadia on the island of Kalymnos. The mueum contains a private collection of more than 17,000 unique finds from the sea, collected by Stavros Valsamidis in a period of more than 60 years.

The exhibits that have been collected after thousands of dives in the sea all around the world, include a wide variety of sea plants and animals such as fish, shells, shellfish, starfish, corals, sharks, turtles and of course all kinds of sponges while part of the museum is dedicated to the profession of sponge fishing. This section of the museum presents tools used by the sponge divers as well as a large collection of photographs. In another wing, findings of World War I and World War II, are exhibited. There is also a great collection of amphorae of the 6th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd BC, kept in a specially designed hall as well as other finds from ancient shipwrecks. Among the most impressive exhibits is a whole wreck of an ancient merchant ship, full of amphorae and other objects, discovered by Stavros Valsamidis.

The main concern of the founder of the museum was and continues to be, the promotion of Kalymnos and the history of sponge fishing and the sponge divers for the everyday living of themselves and their families. Today, the work of Stavros Valsamidis, who passed away at the age of 65, making his last dive as a diver for 48 years in all the seas of the earth, continues his son Giannis.

In the museum you can find out more about sponge processing and you may find nice souvenirs such as sponges, corals and shells in the store that operates within.