Bonatsa beach

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Bonatsa beach

Soft, golden sand and clear blue water. What more could you ask for! Bonatsa is a beautiful beach definitely worth visiting on Kimolos Island. It is a very long beach with lots of trees for shade, yet there are sunbeds on offer for added comfort. The water is calm, shallow and very clear to swim in. The relatively shallow water is fun for couples and families with kids. However, it is a long beach and you will be able to find a quiet spot. The sand is good for a brisk walk after a swim and an added bonus is the boat full of books. Bonatsa beach is located in the southern part of the island and it tends to be calmer during strong winds. Ιn Greek, “Bonatsa” is a word used to indicate calm waters and indeed Bonatsa is a well-protected beach. There is a beach bar on the beach for drinks and snacks but with limited options.

Access is easy and there are buses to and from Bonatsa from Chorio and the port. If you decide to walk from Chorio, it takes around 40 minutes and is perfectly doable. You do have to walk up and down a hill, so if you are not experienced, better take the bus. From Bonatsa you can easily swim to Kalamitsi, or easily walk to it. There are few tavernas nearby and several rooms to let too. People rave about Prassa beach but Bonatsa is equally beautiful.

Coastguard: (22870) 51071

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