Tsigkrado beach

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Tsigkrado beach

Tsigrado is a beautiful small cove with white fine sand and turquoise crystal-clear waters, surrounded by wild high cliffs. The cove with the small caves and the openings in the surrounding rocks form a landscape of incredible natural beauty. The seabed in some places has rocks which along with the caves make the beach ideal for snorkeling. It is located on the southern coast of Milos between the beaches of Fyriplaka and Gerakas, approximately 11 km from the island's port, Adamas. Tsigrado is not an organized beach, therefore make sure you have anything you need with you. The nearest canteen where you can get some water and some snacks is located at the beach of Fyriplaka.

The easiest way to reach Tsigrado is by boat. But, if you choose to go by road, you have to follow the road to Fyriplaka. Just before you reach it, there is a sign telling you to turn left into a dirt road that ends in a parking lot, located above the beach of Tsigrado. To get down you have to pass through a narrow rocky passage and then go down the vertical, wooden ladder located on the beach. The descent is not easy and as the signs state, the descent is done at your own risk. Although going down looks dangerous, it is not so, and definitely worth it.

After 16:00 p.m. you won't need an umbrella as there is natural shade. Tsigrado is not exposed to northern winds which makes the beach ideal when such winds blow on the island.


Coastguard: (22870) 23360

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