Agia Kiriaki beach

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Agia Kiriaki beach

This is a peaceful beach, with beautiful clear and cool waters and a long stretch of sand. Even in August it is not so busy and it is very quiet in terms of noise. The water is shallow, you can wade out quite far and so family friendly too. It starts with few pebbles but carries on into sand as you go deeper in. These white pebbles give off amazing color to the water. It is long and wide beach with trees to give you some shade from the sun, which is good because putting up an umbrella may be almost impossible if it is extremely windy. In such windy days, be prepared for a lot of sand flying around which is rather annoying. So, if you don't like sand and wind check the weather forecast before getting there. However, even with sand and wind the beach is truly stunning.

At the right-hand side there is a beach bar where you can buy snacks and have coffee or water. It also offers sun loungers one can rent, but there is a big part of the beach where there is nothing but a few trees, where if you are lucky, you can lay down in shade.

Agia Kyriaki beach is located on the south coast of Milos, 9 kilometers from Adamantas, the main port of the island and very close to Paleochori. Getting there is very easy and dirt road is only a small portion of the whole journey. The road takes you all the way to the beach so no need to walk. At the end of the road there is plenty of parking space.


Coastguard: (22870) 23360

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