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The lovely beach of Alyko is located in the south-west of Naxos, approximately 18 kilometers away from the island’s capital. An incredibly beautiful place that deserves pristine treatment. It is definitely off the beaten path, a non-organized and secluded sandy beach with crystal-clear water perfect for swimming. The water colours, range from pale clear mint, deep emerald to vivid turquoise. Facing south rather than west like most of the beaches in the area and the fact that is set back in a small bay ensures its protection from the northerly winds. 

Due to the cedar forest, it is naturally shaded, so there is no need for parasols. All the way to the end is an abandon structure, built by a Belgium group that was halted by the Naxian people to preserve the cedar forest area. Alyko is a well-known naturist beach where there are no problems being dressed or undressed.

Access to Alyko from Chora is easy and the road is asphalting all the way to the beach. The route offers stunning and panoramic views of the entire coastal area from Mikri Vigla to the peninsula of Alyko itself. To reach the beach from the parking lot, you have to walk thru the cedar forest and then a somewhat challenging hill but it is totally worth it. Alyko beach is a hidden gem on the island of Naxos. Not far away from this area, there is a very nice tavern to get lunch and dinner, as well. The closest beaches to Alyko are Glyfada beach and Pyrgaki beach.



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