Kolymbithres beach

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Kolymbithres beach

In the northwest of Paros, on the west side of the bay of Naoussa, there is a special and quirky beach called Kolimbithres which overlooks the bay of Naoussa. Its name alone shows its uniqueness, since it is not a single beach, but many small sandy beaches hidden among huge vertical rocks forming cavities that look according to the imagination of the locals like swimming pools. Each beach, regardless of its size, is isolated from its neighbor beach. There is a beach that accommodates two - three people as the largest in size accommodate umbrellas and sunbeds for those who want their comfort .

What is really interesting with this beach, are the granite rocks, which have various abstract forms, sculptured by the sun, the air and the sea creating a unique landscape. Rock sculptures that are to be envied by the best of sculptors. This is the rason which makes Kolymbithres one of the most popular beach of Paros. The water is calm, warm and very shallow, ideal for families with young children and discerning visitors alike. 

The beach can be accessed easily by car, by bus (KTEL) and by boat from Naoussa.

Coastguard: (22840) 21240

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