Molos beach

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Molos beach

Molos is a nice quiet beach which seems to have mainly locals on it. It is a giant cove surrounded by wind-eroded hills. Due to those hills, the bay is well protected from northerly winds and the sea is calm and warm. The beach consists of soft sand in and out the water and some tamarisk trees for shade. Try to get there early to grab a shady spot under one of the few trees on the beach, otherwise bring an umbrella or plenty of sunscreen. If you are not a huge fan of crowded umbrella and lounge chair beaches, Molos is the right beach for you. It is very safe for children to play in the sand and in the water and attracts families from all over the island. The beach never gets crowded because of its size and offers stunning views. Towards the east, you can see Naxos Island and looking south Kefalos hill with a small chapel on top. There is a road leading to this picturesque chapel which is open during the day, so you can light a candle. From the top of the hill, you will have a 360 degree and you can see as far as Koufonisia Islands.

This wonderful beach lies on the east coast of Paros near the village of Marmara. Access is very easy either by car or bike. It can also be reached on foot via some narrow roads from the village of Marmara. The entire area surrounding Molos beach is protected by the European Law Natura 2000 due to its natural beauty. From the south end of the beach, there is a dirt track that leads to the nearby Kalogeros beach. At the south part of Molos, there is a tavern serving local dishes and fresh fish. There are also a few rooms to rent if you decide to settle in the area for your vacation. Located 18 km away from Parikia, the capital of the island, and 14 km away from Naoussa, Molos beach should be in your bucket list, if you are looking for quiet and relaxing beaches.


Coastguard: (22840) 21240

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