Kamari beach

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Kamari beach

This is one of the most popular beaches of the island. The cosmopolitan beach is located on the south east of Santorini and is lined by stunning cliffs which give a dramatic backdrop. It is a long beach, covered by black volcanic shingle rather than sand. Kamari beach is split from Perissa by a large rock at one end called Mesa Vouno.

The beach is amazing as well the only downside is the pebbles that might not be the most comfortable to walk on, on a hot summer day but a good pair of beach shoes can give an instant solution. In some parts, it may be difficult to get in and out of the water, but once you’re in, the water is gorgeous. There is a much better beach at the far end of Kamari, near the big rock. It’s much easier to get into the sea there, although shallow waters quickly become deep. The beach there is also finer - more like sand - but it still not great for sand castle making. It is also quieter end of Kamari and better for families.

Many delightful cafes and restaurants line the main street that runs parallel to the sea and the area is not short on bars, either. Sunbeds are free at most places as long as you buy a drink. From Kamari you can walk up the road to visit the archeological site of Ancient Thira at the top of Mesa Vouno. It is a 50-minute gradual climb, but worth it, just for the spectacular views.

Getting to Kamari is easy. Roads are good and well-marked. The trip from Fira takes about 12 minutes and from Oia 25 minutes. There is plenty of parking space within walking distance of the beach. Numerous buses also run to Kamari from almost all the villages of the island. The journey from Fira takes about 20 minutes.


Coastguard: (22860) 22239

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