Eros beach

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Eros beach

Eros is amazingly beautiful and perfect to spend a whole day on the beach, relaxing, swimming and having some cocktails. It is secluded, and not the easiest to find, but if you want peace, quiet, seclusion, and beauty, then this is the beach for you. It is a stunning beach with a backdrop of pocked hillsides that look like something right out of a Star Wars movie.

The beach is beautiful with black sand and sapphire blue sea. It has rather deep waters but very clear.  It curves around a little and the cliffs, naturally sculptured by the waves and the wind over the years, make the most stunning scenery. The black sand gets a little toasty, but it's beautiful, and faux boardwalks are provided to, and among, the beach chairs, so the hot sand is manageable.

Eros has a trendy vibe with a beach bar restaurant and beach chair service. The place has definitely a nice atmosphere and is often chosen for various happenings and live music events. In case you would like to have some more privacy, there is also an unorganized part of the beach. The drive in is great and along a dirt road and loads of high mountain style rock formations that make you feel like you are on the moon. The Eros Beach is located in the south of the island, 9 kilometers away from Fira and is actually a continuation of the long Vlychada beach.


Coastguard: (22860) 22239

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