Agathopes beach

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Agathopes beach

This is probably the best beach on the island. What makes this the best is the soft sand and the crystal-clear water. The beach shelves so gently into the sea and is sheltered from the meltemi wind, so water is calm and very safe for swimming. Water is also shallow for quite a while and hence suitable for little children. The sea bottom is sandy with no rocks or nasty sea urchins. There is a number of a few good tavernas and restaurants with sun loungers to use. Unfortunately, the beach is overcrowded with sunbeds and you have to weave your way to get to the water. Although this over development brings economic advantages to the local community, the beach has lost its charming and relaxed atmosphere. Though, still is a great beach for swimming. So put on your swimsuit and head over to this beautiful beach and when you get too hot, just jump off into the water to cool off. The beach is facing west and offers gorgeous sunsets and great views of the Strongylo islet and Schinonisi. It is also the place where the Mediterranean seals Monachus-Monachus choose to lay their eggs before summer.

Getting to the beach is easy but parking for private vehicles during peak season is problematic. It is best to park about a thousand feet (300 meters) down the road towards Komito beach. Agathopes beach gets very busy in July and August. During this period, is best appreciated before 10 in the morning and after 6pm, when the crowds are minimal. If you do not like crowds, best time to visit it is in May or early summer and after mid-September. The beach is located approximately 14 km from Ermoupolis and very close to Posidonia and Foinikas.

Coastguard: (22810) 88888

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