Livadaki beach

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Livadaki beach

Livadaki is a glorious beach off the main road. If you are happy with a fairly remote pebble beach, a little shade further back provided by a few trees and a short trek or a boat ride then this beach is for you. The sea is crystal clear and there is plenty to see with a snorkel and goggles. The beach is remote, and with no facilities whatsoever so make sure you bring food, plenty of water and a wind resistant beach umbrella, since natural shadow is limited.

The easiest way to reach it is by boat from Agali or a long trek from Ano Meria. It is so worth the walk, and the path is well marked so you don't lose your way. If you take a boat to Livadaki you will miss out on the gorgeous views offered by the steep 50-minute hike to get here from Ano Meria. Either way, Livadaki is a lovely, undeveloped spot, set back in an inlet with amazing rock formations. Even on a windy day, the beach and bay are protected by the high cliffs. The rocks are also fun for some climbing to get some great views or even for sunbathing or cliff diving. Look out for the unusual stone cairns people have been building on the beach and which add an unusual atmosphere to the place. Finally, Livadaki is somewhat a nudist beach. Still a lot of people keep their bathing suits on, so you don't have to strip to swim. Livadaki beach is a beautiful peaceful place for a swim and for sure a top-rated beach on the island of Folegandros.  


Coastguard: (22860) 41530

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