Agios Minas beach

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Agios Minas beach

The beach of Agios Minas is situated on the north east coast of Karpathos and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. A relatively small beach with flat pebbles, crystal clear, deep blue waters and wild beauty. Above the beach, at the top of the hill stands the church of Agios Minas. It is quite likely to find fewer people on this beach than in other spots of Karpathos. Agios Minas beach is a pristine bay far from mass tourism.

To get there you have to leave behind the main road and follow a very tough dirt road, almost 4 km long, preferably with a 4x4. There are actually two roads leading to the beach. When going to Agios Minas from Spoa (going north towards Olympos) there are 2 intersections that lead you to Agios Minas. It is recommended that you take the 2nd intersection (just 5mins drive after the first one) as the road is much better. On the way down you can make a stop at the church of Agios Minas from where you can take some panoramic photos. Alternatively, if you don't like adventure you can visit the beach by boat from Pigadia.

The beach is not organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. In a short distance there are two taverns that cover the basic needs for food. If you still wonder if it is worth visiting it, the answer is absolutely YES.


Coastguard: (22450) 22227

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