Palatia Beach, Saria

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Palatia Beach, Saria

Palatia is the most famous beach of Saria, a tiny uninhabited island north of Karpathos. Nestled in the heart of a small cove, the beach is well protected by some steep cliffs on both sides. It is a pebble beach with emerald and crystal-clear waters, great for swimming and snorkeling. On the left side of the cove, there is a sea cave which is worth to explore and discover its hidden exit. From Palatia beach begins a hiking trail to an abandoned village where pirates used to live in the past, as well as another one to the quaint chapel of Agia Sophia and to the ancient village of Argos. From the top of the cliff, where the ruins of the pirate’s dwellings are., the view over the bay and the Karpathian Sea is just amazing.

Palatia beach can only be reached by boat from Diafani in the north or from Pigadia the capital of Karpathos. During the summer, there are daily boat trips that take you to Saria and give plenty of time to explore parts of the island and enjoy the pristine beach. The beach has no facilities at all, but you can find some natural shade under the tamarisk trees lined around the coast. While on the beach, do not be surprised if you get approached by some donkeys that live on the island and look for food. They are very friendly, and there is no reason to get scared. Saria island is amazingly quiet and totally unspoiled. A daily excursion to Saria Island, is definitely a great experience that you should not miss while on Karpathos Island. 

Coastguard: (22450) 22227

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