Eristos beach

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Eristos beach

Τhis long stretch of beach is located 3 kilometers south of Megallo Chorio, on the west coast of the Island, in Eristos Bay. The coast is composed of coarse sand and pebbles and the water is clear blue. Parts of the beach are lined with tamarisk trees that provide the needed shade. The beach is not developed and can be used for people to camp on. Camping seems to be allowed to the left and setting up tents under the tamarisk trees is quite common especially during high season. Though, being the longest beach on Tilos, there is enough space for everybody. Apparently, part of the beach at one end is nudist. There are shower and toilet blocks as well as a restaurant working out of a food truck. Sun beds and umbrellas are available in a small part of the beach but mainly during July and August.

It is possible to walk along a track/pathway from Megalo Chorio to the beach or you can take the local bus which also stops here. If you go by car, there is a parking area at the top end of the beach. There is also a small taverna a short walk away. Eristos Beach is highly recommended mainly to campers and nudists and less to families. If you drive the dirt road as far as it goes to the left you will reach a narrow path that continues along the coast. If you follow the trail for about 10-15 minutes you will reach two small totally isolated beaches with red sand.

Coastguard: (22460) 44350

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