Mavra Volia beach

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Mavra Volia beach

The beach at Mavra Volia or Mavros Gialos is stunning to look at, from a unique point of view. It was created by volcanic activity from the nearby Psaronas crater (now inactive) and the "beach" is in fact millions of largish black volcanic stones, so dramatic to see. Therefore, this is not a beach that you would feel comfortable lying on. It does however, have beautiful clean, clear blue water which is reasonably calm. Might be a little cold for some but it is very refreshing. If you don't mind getting into the water wearing beach shoes, this is a beautiful place for a swim. The water becomes deep in just a couple of yards which is preferable for those who like swimming. The black rocks are fascinating, though a bit eery in the water due to the black stones. In fact, there are two beaches, so make sure you walk over the hill to get to the second which is less populated. A trail from the first beach, no longer than 120 meters (400 feet), takes you there. The incredible beauty of these beaches is that they are pretty narrow and towered by brown/reddish majestic 100 meters (300 feet) high rocks. The colors create striking contrasts and the feel of isolation is prominent. There is a small cave in the rocks/water for exploring, and two places to jump from the rocks to the water below, one quite low, the other higher - perhaps 3 meters (10 feet) or so.

Beware that this is a very popular swimming beach so it can get quite busy in the parking area in summer after 10am. It is an easy walk from the parking lot but during peak tourist season it is a mistake trying to reach that lot. It is probably better and faster to park at the entrance of Emborios, where there are good restaurants, and then walk to the beach, something like a quarter mile walk. It is better to come either in the morning or the afternoon because it is bakingly hot from about 11am to 3pm and bring provisions as there is only a small truck for drinks and snacks. There is also just a very rudimentary change shed on the beach, so come prepared with your swimmers already on, or be prepared to be able to get changed near your car. Mavra Volia beach has no facilities neither any shade, so it would be smart to have an umbrella with you to protect yourselves from the hot sun. The black pebble beach is absolutely breath taking and a must visit if you are on the beautiful island of Chios. The beach is located south of Chios Town on the east coast of Chios Island, close to the small fishing village of Emborios and is served by a regular bus line. It takes between 40 and 50 minutes from the city of Chios to get there and the roads are pretty good. Keep in mind that picking up stones from the beach is not allowed.

Coastguard: (22710) 44433

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