Μετάφραση Greek Version


The best beach on the island, as it has the smallest human intervention. One of the most energy and beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and of our country.΄Located at the northeast end of the island and is accessible only by sea and only when there is no wind because the beach is completely exposed to northerly winds. 

The majestic look of the scenery causes awe and admiration to guests who see it for the first time. The huge stone with the famous hole in the middle, the impressive cliffs that start from the top of the slope and end up back at the coast, round pebbles are all part of some unexplained nature phenomena of the area. And on the edge of the beach the beautiful stone arch, the “Tripia Petra”.

Its name comes from its round white pebbles,which the locals call the "lalaria" and it’s the only beach of this kind in Skiathos. To get to Lalaria Beach you need to catch one of the many boats leaving from the old Skiathos’ port, that offer many different trips all around Skiathos.

Coastguard: (24270) 22017

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