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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Andri beach

It is the southernmost point of Ithaca. You can visit Antri only by boat, and the path that leads there is rough and long and you will need someone who knows the way, in order to take this path. However, it is rare to come to Antri in the summer and not find at least another boat there. The clear blue waters will surely tempt you. Antri is a narrow, leeward bay, in the depths of which is a small pebbled beach. Although the landscape is lush with rich vegetation of bushes and shrubs, on the beach you will find no trees for shade, so you should come prepared. The slope of the mountain that leads to the beach is so steep and rugged, that it is hard to imagine there is a path for Antri and which way it goes. During the Second World War II, Antri and the natural protection it offers, were often used by the rebels of Ithaca, Kefalonia and mainland Greece as a hiding place and for planning sabotage against the occupier.

Coastguard: (26740) 32909

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