Porto Timoni beach

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Porto Timoni beach

Pоrtο Timоni is actually а double beach near Afiοnаs village, in the west coast оf Corfu Island. The two beaches are equally beautiful and are separated by a small strip of land. The small one is Limni and the big one is Porto Timoni. The two beaches have distinctive water color and temperature. Porto Timoni is a totally unspoiled and quiet beach, made up of pebbles. The crystal-clear water is inviting and suitable for snorkeling. There is almost no shade and it may be hard to put an umbrella in the ground with stones.

Porto Timoni can be either reached by boat or on foot through a path that starts from Afions. The almost 30-minutes hike is on a fairly steep terrain but the effort is worthwhile. It is advisable to wear sneakers and not sandals or flip flops. There are some amazing viewing spots along the way and it's worth to stop every now and then, just to appreciate the view from above. Be aware that the beach tends to get busy around midday, so it's probably better to arrive in the morning and to leave when it is not extremely hot. If you are looking for both stunning and remote beach with not many people, Porto Timoni is not the right one.  It is however something that should be ticked off during a holiday in Corfu. Do not forget to bring plenty of water with you and something to eat, as you cannot buy anything on the beach.

If you visit the beach, please do not forget to take your waste with you so others can enjoy this beautiful beach.



Coastguard: (26613) 65200

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