Giali beach

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Giali beach

They say Giali is one of the most beautiful bays in Corfu, and this is true, not only for the amazing color of the sea but also because of the stunning landscape. Giali is an isolated beach on the west coast of the island, below the village Giannades. Totally unspoilt by any tourist infrastructure, offers peace and a relaxing atmosphere. Picturesque rugged rocks jutting out of the sea, fine pebbles, turquoise clean waters and above all, no mass tourism. Even in high season, you won’t find many people around. There aren’t any facilities like bars and loungers so you should bring enough for a lite lunch and plenty of water.

Giali Beach has difficult access and the best way to get there is by excursion boat or water taxi from Ermones Beach. The beach can’t be accessed by car or bike; however, you can walk and climb down the cliffside. The path is slippery with big rocks and there are several warnings to inform you that the descend to the beach is with your own risk. Ropes and a couple of wooden ladders have been placed in many parts of the route to help you climb down but if you are afraid of heights, you'd better head to another beach. This beach is NOT for everyone, children and elderly people should stay away. Giali is at the end of a series of secluded beached that begin from Liapades: Paradise, Rovinia, Heliodoros, Stellari and Giali with the latter being the southernmost of them. So, if you are looking for some adventure and a totally secluded beach, this one will offer you some of the best holiday memories on the island of Corfu.


Coastguard: (26613) 65200

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