Klima beach

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Klima beach

Klima is an isolated beach near Mylopotas, facing the tiny islet of Prasonisi. Although not so famous, it is a gorgeous beach with clear waters, accessible only through the sea or via a path that starts from Mylopotas. The trail starts at the end of Mylopotas beach and continues on the hills overlooking the sea. Through the hike, you have the sea to your right. The trail is not that hard to tackle but you will have to make your way on rocks and sometimes avoid plants that may scratch your skin. It takes approximately 40 minutes to get on top of the small beach of Sapounóchoma, and another 35 minutes to reach the beach of Klíma. If you love to hike, then the Mylopotas to Klima hike is a great choice for a half day trip. Especially if you do it outside of the high season, you will have the beach for yourself.

The beach itself is located in a beautiful bay and the only human interaction is limited to the three villas at the back of the beach. The shore is used by the careta careta turtles to lay their eggs. So, depending on the season extra caution is required by the visitors.


Coastguard: (22860) 91264

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