Agia Theodoti beach

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Agia Theodoti beach

If you want a quiet, no-frills beach which has chairs and umbrellas and no loud music, this is your place. Agia Theodoti is an endless sandy beach and very peaceful compared to the rest beaches of the island. There are two sides with sunbeds and umbrellas and one big portion of the beach completely free. The sand, the water, the sun, the vistas and the experience are all top rate. Composed of granular sand with a few pebbles for good measure and crystal-clear water, it is very pretty with a beautiful view of the Aegean. If you find yourself there before dawn you will enjoy a wonderful sunrise! Agia Theodoti is a fabulous unspoilt natural beach but it is exposed to the weather, so do not go there if there is strong north wind. If you visit it early in summer, there is a good chance you will have this beach all to yourself.

There's a little van at the far end of the beach that sells snacks and drinks, a beach club with cafe half way up the hill and a lovely family taverna a bit higher up for refreshment and meals. The beach is about an 8 km drive NE of the Chora area. You can drive yourself or catch the bus. The drive there is fairly curvy and intense, so take it slowly and enjoy the goats along the way. Agia Theodoti is such a beautiful beach with turquoise sea views, quiet atmosphere and plenty of natural beauty. A perfect place to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing day on the beach.

Coastguard: (22860) 91264

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