Martsalo beach

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Martsalo beach

The magnificent beach of Martsalo (in Latin means Good Port), is a secluded beach that lies behind the western Asterousia mountains at Cape Lithino. To reach the beach you have to cross one of the most magnificent gorges of the Heraclion prefecture, the Martsaliotiko gorge, about 40 minutes’ walk or take a boat from Agia Galini, Kokkino Pyrgos or Matala.

The isolated beach with the pebbles and the crystal clear, turquoise waters is protected by strong winds. It is surrounded by rocks and has an impressive seabed making it ideal for snorkeling. In the middle of the beach there is a dock for boats and the few tamarisk trees found on the beach offer natural shade. Although it is not easy to reach the beach, visiting it is a unique experience as the landscape is unique.

The beach has been used as a port since the Minoan years, as traces of a port settlement of 1800-1600 BC were found. Later, the Apostle Paul during his trip to Rome stopped in Martsalos to teach Christianity. Due to the existence of the temple and the hermitages, nudism is not allowed on the beach. To the east  is the beach of Agiofarrago.


Coastguard: (28134) 06910

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