Kalypso beach

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Kalypso beach

Kalypso beach is located on the south of Rethymno, 31 km from the city, between the village of Plakias and beach of Preveli. It is a narrow cove of about 100 meters long that is formed between huge vertical rocks. The bay ends at a small, sandy beach, 2 meters wide. The bay is called Karavos but many call it the "Pirate’s Fjord" because the small cove used as a shelter for pirates during the Byzantine times.

The water is so clear that the visibility and clarity from above is astonishing – you can make out every single detail in the sea bed. Its color changes depending on the depth. In some places is deep blue and in some others blue-green. The sea bed is rich in life and ideal for snorkeling. The beach is quite famous and many people come to take photos of this unique landscape but also to swim in the impressive bay. For sure Kalypso or Karavos beach is one of the best places for swimming and snorkeling in Crete.

Just above the beach there is a tourist resort, which has placed umbrellas and sunbeds on the smooth surfaces of the rocks.There is a set of concrete steps leading up the sheer cliff to the left of the beach, offering bird’s eye views back down onto Kalypso beach.References to the bay have existed since antiquity. According to mythology, Odysseus on his way back to Ithaca, stayed there for 7 years, enchanted by the landscape as well as from the beauty of the Queen Calypso. To reach the beach you have to follow one of the two roads that start from the village of Dimoni. There is no public transport, so you have to drive yourself or take a taxi.

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