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34°50′N 24°05′E


29,6 km²






(+) 28230







GMT +2:00










The island of Gavdos is one of Greece’s best kept secrets. Located in the Libyan Sea between Crete and Africa, Gavdos is widely accepted as Europe’s southernmost point. Its isolation offers the chance to get away from civilization, forget time and get connected with unspoiled nature. In Gavdos you can swim naked in emerald waters and sleep under the stars on gorgeous beaches. The island is pretty small and easy to explore it in a few days. You will be amazed by its natural landscape which is made of small shrubs, pines, and junipers, the lovely beaches with turquoise waters, but mostly by its unique atmosphere. It is a rather isolated place with only the basic amenities. Do not expect to find any cozy bars and clubs, nor any fancy restaurants. However, there are a few taverns where you can sample the local cuisine and some rooms to rent, even though Gavdos is best known as a free camping paradise.

Other than the local beaches, there are a few villages to discover, and a few things to see. The most famous landmark is the natural arch known as Tripiti, located towards the eastern coast. On top of the formation, stands a concrete chair with an inscription reading “Southernmost Point of Europe. The chair is a favorite spot for tourists to take pictures with their feet hanging from the edge of the continent. Beyond the arch, there is a Folklore Museum, an old lighthouse and some ancient ruins to see. Most visitors to the island come here as part of day trips from neighboring Crete, but you can only get the real vibe if you stay here for a few days.

Gavdos is the southernmost place you can visit in Greece and Europe. The island is located closer to Africa than to the capital of the country, Athens.

The capital of the island is Kastri, and the port is named Karabe.

The island has been continuously populated since Neolithic times and the Bronze Age. Gavdos is probaly the site of the mythical Ogygia where according to the Odyssey, Odysseus was held hostage by Kalypso for 7 years.

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The island of Gavdos is very small, so the best way to explore it is on foot. Multiple paths lead to amazing places and incredible isolated beaches. If walking is not you thing, there is a local bus that connects the island’s key points. The service runs daily during the summer. A few taxis are available as well. Another option is to bring your own bike. There aren’t many uphill and downhills on the island, so exploring Gavdos by bike is a great experience.

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