Alevromoutzouroma (Flour War)

Photo: © Αλευρομουτζούρωμα

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Alevromoutzouroma (Flour War)

If you happen to be visiting Galaxidi in the spring, look out for the town’s renowned celebration on Clean Monday, the start of Greek Orthodox Lent. On that particular day the custom of ‘Alevromoutzouroma’, takes place in the otherwise sleeping fishing village. The origins of the custom are unclear; however, it appears in its current form since the mid-19th century. Although it may have started with residents painting their faces with ash while dancing in the streets, it has now become a full-blown battle with colorful flour bombs exploding throughout the village.

Around noon, people armed with sacks of flour mixed with a variety of colors, go to the little port and start throwing the flour mix to the air and to other people, until essentially the participants run out of supplies. The celebration is accompanied by music and dancing around fires in the squares and streets of the town. The event is very popular and often attracts media coverage. Visitors from across the country come to watch and partake in the festivities. In case you want to participate, wear clothes you will probably never wear again or you can wear a protective set of uniform and goggles, items that you can get from the locals stores when you arrive. The flour war on Clean Monday, is a unique experience, you will never forget.


Photo: Αλευρομουτζούρωμα