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Syros is the administrative capital of the Cyclades, also one of the smallest and most laidback islands in the Aegean. Its location in the middle of the Cyclades, means you can swim in warm, crystal-clear waters and enjoy fantastic weather. Free of mass tourism, it is a perfect place for a tranquil and relaxing holiday, and ideal for enjoying pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery, traditional villages, delicious food, culture, and ample places to explore. The “Lady of the Cyclades” as it is commonly called, often gets overlooked by first time visitors to Greece, which in a way it is a good thing until you realize what a hidden gem Syros is.

If you are looking for the best things to do, there are lots of options. From exploring the enchanting capital Ermoupolis, to exploring the stunning beaches and traditional villages. Ermoupolis is undoubtedly one of the most attractive towns in the Cyclades and home to some of the most unique architecture in Greece. Not far from the city center, you will find Ano Syros, a picturesque medieval village looking over Ermoupolis. Walk along the cobbled alleys, enjoy the slower pace of life, taste the local cuisine and take in the magnificent views. Syros has many stunning churches to discover, an interesting industrial museum and an elegant 19th century theater, that hosts important cultural events. Syros is a fantastic island that oozes charm, atmosphere and history. Without the crowds of other neighboring islands, here you can enjoy all the simple luxuries this breathtaking island has to offer.

Syros, also known as Syra, is a Greek island in the Cyclades. Its capital town Hermoupolis is also the capital of the Cyclades and οf the southern Aegean region.

The name Syros has its roots in the word “sour” or “osoura” which mean “rocky” in ancient Phoenician.

In Syros, both Christian doctrines, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, coexist supported by large percentage of the population. Easter is celebrated on the same day by both, as a token of fraternity and unity.

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HOW TO GET AROUND SYROS | Car Rental, Bus. Taxi, Scooter / ATV

Like in most Greek islands, you can get around either by renting a vehicle or by public transport. The choice depends on whether you are travelling with children and how many days you are planning to stay on the island. If you do not plan to stay too long or not having children with you, perhaps the bus is the best option. Bus: The island has a circular route, calling at most of the island’s coastal villages along the way. Once you leave the port, the bus station is opposite. The buses are modern with air condition and have room at the bottom for luggage. The bus service is frequent and tickets are cheap. Rental: On the other hand, it is handy to have your own vehicle if you want to find hidden places and have more freedom. Bringing your own car may be more expensive than renting one here. There are plenty of car rentals available in Ermoupolis and in some of the villages. The island's roads are good, so you won't have any problems driving around. If you plan to stick in Ermoupolis, you won’t need a car at all. Taxi: Syros also has many taxis with reasonable prices compared to other islands in the Cyclades. You can call a taxi, or book one in advance.

Weather Annually Report

On coasts and islands of central and southern Greece, where the climate is Mediterranean, winter is mild and quite rainy, while summers are sunny and hot.

On the islands, during winter the wind often blows; precipitation often occurs at night and in the early morning. On the islands, snowfalls are rare, and generally occur only in the northern ones, during the most intense cold spells.

Spring is pleasant and sunny in most of Greece. The days with some rainfall become less and less frequent. In summer, in the Aegean Sea the Meltemi, a northerly wind typical of the warmest months (July and August), often blows, and even if the sky is clear.

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  • 24 Jun 2024

    The feast of Reenactment of the custom of Kleidonas

  • 30 Jun 2024

    The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  • 12 Jul 2024

    The Feast of Αgios Venedictos

  • 18 Jul 2024

    The Feast of Agia Marina

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