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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Corfu Mountain Trail

The Corfu Mountain Trail is a running race in the mountainous and particularly beautiful verdant landscape of Corfu and especially that of the central mountainous area of ​​the island. The area in and around Benitses was considered as the most suitably , indeed Benitses as a tourist center that have the ability to host unlimited number of athletes and escorts also have infrastructure and large open spaces suitable for starting, stopping and install of technical infrastructure for full monitoring and control of the entire route. The route from Benitses to the surrounding villages is large enough to hold two races, a 17 km route and a route of 37 kilometers , both within an area of outstanding natural beauty, full of olive groves , these races will help to highlight the natural environment of exceptional beauty of this part of our island. As time limit for completion of the 17km race is the time of four (4 ) hours and a time limit for completion of the 37 km race is the time of eight (8 ) hours .