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The Feast of Agia MarinaThe Feast of Agia Marina on July 16 and 17, in the village of Kostos, Paros.
Revival of the BagpipesRevival of the Bagpipes in Naoussa.
Paros Festival

Paros Festival is a cultural event that takes place in mid-July in Parikia, the capital town of the island. Its main goal is to promote the diverse culture of the place and its people.

The Feast of Agia AnnaThe Feast of Agia Anna in Parikia, Paros.
The Feast of Agios PanteleimonThe Feast of Agios Panteleimon in the villages of Kostos and Prodromos at the same time.
The feast of Agia ParaskeviThe feast of Agia Paraskevi in ​​Naoussa, Paros.
The Feast of SotirosThe Feast of Sotiros in the villages of Alyki and Marpissa at the same time.
The feast of Panagia Ekatontapiliani

Thousands of devout Christians gather at the temple for the Holy pilgrimage and solemnly attend the events. The ceremonious liturgy is followed by a parade and the procession of the icon through the roads of Parikia. At night, all vessels in the harbor are illuminated and fireworks light up the night sky in an incredible spectacle. Events with traditional music and dance take place on the beach of Parikia.

The Feast of Agios ArseniosThe Feast of Agios Arsenios at the Butterflies of Paros.
The Feast of the Pirates The Festival of the Pirates marks the anniversary of the pirate raid on Naoussa, led by Barbarossa in 1537. The legendary pirate's men kidnapped the women of Naoussa and the locals engaged in battle to get them back.
The Feast of Agios FanouriosThe Feast of Agios Fanourios, with a traditional feast in the village of Ambelas, Paros.
The Feast of Agios Ioannis DetisThe Feast of Agios Ioannis Detis, the monastery in the Environmental & Cultural Park. The celebration takes place in Lefkes.
The Feast of Pera PanagiaThe Feast of Pera Panagia in the village of Marmara, Paros.
The Feast of Panagia FaneromeniThe Feast of Panagia Faneromeni in the village of Marmara, Paros.
The Feast of Agios Chrysostomos of IzmirThe Feast of Agios Chrysostomos of Izmir, yearly established Asia Minor Meeting.
The Feast of Timiou StavrouFestival to celebrate the Ypsoseos tou Timiou Stavrou (Exaltation of the Holy Cross). A celebratory Divine Liturgy is held in the courtyard of the church in Agairia, and traditional delicacies are offered. Traditional dances and songs from various regions in Greece are presented that night in Aliki.
The Feast of Agios EfstathiosThe Feast of Agios Efstathios in the village of Marmara, Paros.
The Feast of Agios Ioannis KaparosThe Feast of Agios Ioannis Kaparos in the village of Lefkes in Paros.
The Feast of Agios Georgios MethystisThe Feast of Agios Georgios Methystis, Paros.
The Feast of Agia AikateriniThe feast of Agia Aikaterini is solemnly celebrated in Lefkes. The Divine Liturgy takes place at the church in the morning, followed by the procession of the icon through the streets of the village. 25 November is also a memorial day for the Resistance of the Greeks against conquerers.
The Feast of Agios AndreasThe Feast of Agios Andreas on the homonymous slope of Naousa, Paros.
The feast of YpapantiThe feast of Ypapanti in Naoussa, Paros.
The Feast of Αgios Ioannis the TheologianThe Feast of Αgios Ioannis the Theologian in the village of Dryos, Paros.
The Feast of Agios Ioannis the BaptistThe Feast of Agios Ioannis the Baptist in the village of Prodromos, Paros.
The Feast of Agios Ioannis KlidonasThe day of the well-known Kleidonas festival. It is celebrated with solemnity and fires in Aliki, Naoussa and Prodromos. Music, dance, traditional delicacies and plenty of wine surround the lighting of the bonfire, and the burning of the Mayday wreaths, and the opening of Kleidonas, after which youths and children jump over the fires. According to tradition, this turns away evil spirits.
The Feast of Agios Athanasios of ParosThe Feast of Agios Athanasios of Paros in the village of Kostos, Paros.
The Feast of Agion AnargyronThe eve of the festival is celebrated at the monastery of Agion Anargyron, near Parikia.
Fish and Wine FestivalNotable events and activities at the renowned Fish and Wine Festival in Naoussa.
The feast of Agia KyriakiThe feast of Agia Kyriaki in the village of Lefkes in Paros.