Crete Golf Course

“The Crete Golf Club” in Chersonissos, an 18-hole golf course originally designed in 2003 by the golf course architect Bob Hunt. 

“The Crete Golf Club" holds a strategic and charming location, 15 minutes from Heraklion International Airport, a major gateway to Crete from many European cities via directs flights. Moreover, the golfers of our club are only three minutes away from the most cosmopolitan beaches and luxurious resorts of Chersonissos.

Combining three key-elements, scenery, climate and facilities, the club is expected to prove irresistible to golfers. Its ultra-modern facilities are accompanied by the unrivalled beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. Furthermore, the Cretan weather is perfect for golfing 365 days a year since, beyond the summer months, weather conditions during spring, autumn and winter are more than appropriate for golfing.