Anemotrypa Cave

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Anemotrypa Cave

The history of the cave begins at some point in 1960 when two youths, Apostolis Lambris and Georgios K. Karakostas, were ordered by the president of the Community to open up a fissure which appeared to expel cool air, to allow exploration of its interior on the occasion of the arrival of renowned speleologist Anna Petrochilou. After about ten metres of arduous crawling they discovered a wide cavity.

The cave has three levels. The highest and oldest has collapsed, leaving a few remain sections. The middle level, which has a length of 250 metres, has been exploited for tourism, while the third section is the underground river bed. The river is visible at the end of the tourist footpath and its waters reappear at a spring in a ravine 25 metres below the cave entrance.

The passage leads to the Chamber of the Red Lake whose running water pours into a stone basins, which together with the delicate formations of stalactites create a spectacular sight. The passage continues downhill before being divided by a huge rock mass, to the left of which is another marvellous lake.

During the tour in  the cave, you can see that many ponds are formed, with a more impressive one towards the end of the route. This lake is blue, not because of its depth, but because of the quartz crystals at its bottom.

The exploited length of the cave amounts to 270 metres. Three more pools in shades of grey, pink and white have been formed around beautiful coloured stalagmites, while the cave is inhabited by various insects such as Lepidoptera.