Foros Cave

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Foros Cave

Cave "Foros" is located in the village of Aladino on the island of Andros, 4 km away from Chora, the capital of the island. It is one of the first discovered caves in Greece and covers an area of about 500 sq.m. The temperature of the cave is constant throughout the year and ranges from 16-17 ° C while the humidity is 75%. The cave is one of the most important attractions on the island of Andros.

It was first discovered in 1937 by Ioannis and Anna Petrocheilos but it was mapped in 1982 in greater detail, under the supervision of Anna Petrocheilos and S. Diakogiannis and the direction of the Hellenic Speleological Society. The cave is the 15th recorded cave in the official chronological list of discovered caves in Greece, maintained by the Hellenic Speleological Society.

As for the origin of the name, there are two versions. According to first, it derives from the Italian word "Foros" which means "Opening". The second has to do with the superstition of the inhabitants, who believed that they paid tax to appease the evil spirits, with the fall and disappearance of their animals in the cave.

The guided tour starts from the old bridge of Aladino which stands near the homonymous village. Walking along a 300-meters long paved cobbled path, you reach the cave. At the entrance, the tour guide will provide you with the necessary equipment such as a helmet and a flashlight for a safe tour. Foros cave consists of five halls, four of which are open to the public. The length of the path inside the cave is 150 meters long. During the tour visitors have the opportunity to admire colorful and impressive stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, hanging rocks and colorful limestone.

You can easily reach the cave by car, by following the main road from Stavropeda to Chora and turning right towards Aladino village.



From 1/7/2022 - 1/10/2022: Open Daily

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday from 11:00 - 20:00

Wednesday -Sunday from 11:00 - 15:00

From:1/10/2022 - 31/12/2022 only by appointment

There are guided tours every 30 minutes in groups of 1 to 10 people. If you are a group of more than 10, please contact the person in charge to make an appointment, at least two days before the visit. For more information call: (+30) 6939696835