Edessa Waterfalls Park

Photo: Κατερίνα Φαρμάκη

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Edessa Waterfalls Park

Located at the eastern side of Edessa Town, Waterfalls Park has many mini waterfalls, plants, footbridges as well as concrete pools and offers several viewing points to the spectacular waterfalls. Moreover, you can stand behind falls' curtain of falling water, to fully appreciate the power and volume of water involved. The whole area is fresh and lush and obviously roaring with water that is guided down the mountain. The sound of the water and the energy flowing around you is something unique. The views are pretty from all points and there is a small cave of great geological value, which is worth a visit for its stalactites. Walking a few levels down, there is a large platform, ideal for that perfect family shot with the foaming white waters behind you.

The park covers an area of about 100 thousand square meters and is an attractive meeting and recreation area for locals and visitors. A variety of trees grow between the babbling large and small streams and canals, and lovely flower gardens add to the look of the park.  There are lots of paths all around the waterfalls and plenty of areas where you can just relax and let your mind fly like the water is flying all around. If you follow the cobblestone road, you will reach the Water Museum that helps locals and visitors understand the history of water-power. Among other things, you will find restored industrial buildings, watermills as well as old water turbines that testify to the city’s aquatic history. Above the falls there is a good cafe at different levels too, where you can enjoy the view, in sun or shade.

The park started to be formed in 1942, first by the Germans who constructed two pools and several paths. After the end of World War II, municipal gardeners planted many flowers and trees and in 1953 the first restaurant opened in the park. In the beginning of the 1960’s, more paths were constructed so that tourists could safely get to the waterfalls and at the same time several viewing points were made for better views of the waterfalls.

Next to the park, is one of the most authentic parts of Edessa. District Varosi reveals the aristocratic character of the old town. Beautiful mansions of Macedonian architecture, narrow cobbled alleys and Byzantine churches reveal the city’s glorious past.

Photo: Katerina Farmaki