Springs of Acheron

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Springs of Acheron

The Acheron springs, is a hidden gem. A place of outstanding natural beauty that attracts people from all over the world. It is also a destination with lots of organized activities for young and old such as rafting, kayaking, gorge crossing, boating, archery and horse riding. The springs are located in a very green landscape surrounded by hills with oak and elm trees, only 2 km away from the village of Gliki in the mountains of Souli. The light blue clear water of the river goes through gorges, creates ponds, and shelters. Creating sceneries of perfect peace and unique natural beauty on the way, the river continues undaunted its perpetual journey towards the sea and flows into the Ionian Sea, in the area of Ammoudia.

Acheron river is well-known through the Greek mythology. The mythical river was known as the "river of woe", and was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. It is here that Hermes psychopomp handed over the souls of the dead to the gloomy and terrifying Charon who would escort them from Earth to the Underworld. Its name probably comes from the word "achos" (= sorrow) and means "the river of sorrow".

The best way to get to the Acheron River is by car. Head towards the village of Gliki and leave the car in the parking lot. It’s about 10-minute walk in the forest to the springs and from there you can travel up the river as far as you like. As you walk further up, the path becomes wet so be equipped with waterproof bags and make sure you wear water shoes. When entering the canyon, you must get into the river and walk against the current, but so worth the effort. The water is icy near the springs but warmer in the upper reaches of the river. Keep walking as you can see water bubbling from the springs or gushing from the rocks. Once you get to where two streams join into one, make sure you take the left branch and follow it up to the second waterfall. Exploring the canyon is a unique experience. Most of the river can be walked but there are a few short stretches which require you to swim against the strong current. If you decide to go all the way to the end, have in mind that to return will take approximately 2 hours.

1. The historic villages of Souli
2. The city of Parga and its Castle
3. The Necromancer of Acheron, in the village of Mesopotamos (3 km from Ammoudia)
4. The ruins and the Museum of Ancient Nikopolis (8 km NW of Preveza)
5. The Ancient Kassopi
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