Voidomatis Springs

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Voidomatis Springs

The springs of Voidomatis are located at a short distance from the village of Vikos in central Zagori and is one of the most beautiful parts of the gorge. Beneath the characteristically rock with the strange name "Agkastromeni", crystal clear, drinking water gushes from the ground. Next to it there is the picturesque Monastery of Panagia of Vikos, which was built in 1783.

The river and the surrounding ecosystem are located in the Vikos-Aoos National Park, being one of its most important ecosystems. Especially the part that starts from the springs and ends at the bridge of Aristi, is one of the most isolated areas of the country, where many animals and plants find safe shelter.

The route to the springs starts from the entrance of Vikos village in front of the old traditional fountain. There, a sign with information about all the routes that start from that point can be found. The hiking via the cobbled path to the springs and the Monastery of Panagia is about 40 minutes. Along the way there are benches for rest and places for observation. From the "Rachi" observatory in Vikos village the visitor can have a view of the route that will follow. From there the visitor can also see both the Monastery of Panagia and the springs of Voidomatis in the place "Poros".

Right next to the springs, ruins are preserved from the base of a stone arched bridge that connected the two banks of the river before it was demolished by a tree trunk that brought the strong current of the river many years ago.