Routsouna Waterfall

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Routsouna Waterfall

North and South of Keramoti, two important rivers of Naxos are created, which start respectively from the mountains Koronos and Fanari.

These two rivers are united at the west end of the village, at Dipotamata. Continuing its course through rocks and lush vegetation, the water joins the stream that runs from the source of the Cannafa and creates the waterfall of Routsouna, twenty meters high.

Where the waters of the waterfall fall, there is a plane tree and a deep lake where the children of Keramoti swim in the summer.

The water continues its course until it reaches the plain of the Eggares, irrigating the area before reaching the sea at Ammiti beach.

The running waters, which maintain their flow even in summer, create a lush magical image, far from the usual Cycladic landscape.
There is a path of unique beauty, starting from the old bridge of Keramoti and leading to the waterfall.