Enipeas Waterfall

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Enipeas Waterfall

Not far from the Old Monasetry of Agios Dionysios on Mount Olympus, lies the stunning Enipeas waterfall. The icy water of the river falls from a 38-meter-high rock and forms a natural pool perfect for a refreshing dive. The river forms several other waterfalls and natural pools in various places; however, this waterfall is the largest of all of them. Although many people visit the waterfall, only a few have the courage to dive into the icy waters. The rest simply enjoy the amazing view and fill up their bottles with gurgling cold water.

The waterfall lies in the middle of a ravine and there are several alternative routes to reach it. If you are a hiking fan, you can follow the E4 hiking trail that starts from Litochoro and crosses the Enipeas gorge. The first part of the route ends at Prionia (1100 m) where there is a mountain refuge. The route passes from the Cave of Agios Dionysios and the Old Monastery before reaching the waterfall. To reduce the level of difficulty, you can start hiking from Prionia and descend to the waterfall. If you are not keen on hiking, you can head to the Old Monastery by car and then follow a relatively easy path. It is a beautiful route in shade through a dense forest of tall trees, that lasts around 15' minutes. Alternatively, you can park 500 meters before the monastery and follow a downhill path for 10'-15' minutes. The path is easy however steep in some places, so caution is needed if you have very young kids with you. Whatever option you choose, the Enipeas waterfall will surely reward you.

Road Distances

  • Litochoro - Prionia: 18.7 kilometers (35' minutes)
  • Litochoro - Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios: 18.4 kilometers (34' minutes)
  • Prionia - Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios: 3.2 kilometers (7' minutes)