Sapientza Lighthouse

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Sapientza Lighthouse 2180

Sapienza is a small Greek island off the southern coat of the Peloponnese, near the town of Methoni. At the southeast side of the island, there is a lighthouse, built by Englishmen at the request of Queen Victoria of England in 1885. The stone tower has a height of 9,5 meters and a focal height of 110 meters. There are 75 stone steps leading to the top of the lighthouse from where you can enjoy stunning views of the island and the surrounding area.

The lighthouse first operated with oil as source of light. During World War II, the lighthouse was extinguished and started operating again in 1944. In 1989 the oil engines were replaced and the lighthouse became electrically operated. The old lantern that was once home to a mechanism designed by French company Sauter Lemonier, is now on display in the Maritime Museum, based in Piraeus. The structure covers an area of 210m² and includes a stone building for the lighthouse keepers who lived there in the past. The building consists of 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and a warehouse. In the courtyard, there is a stone oven, a toilette and a cistern for rain water collection.

The lighthouse of Sapienza constitutes a particularly remarkable architectural construction and has been listed as a monument. Sapienza is accessible only by sea from the port of Methoni with the natural harbor of Porto Longo to be the starting point of a trail leading to this remarkable lighthouse.