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Vasilina 5540

The lighthouse was built in 1892 with oil as a source of energy, with one white light a range of 12m. During the Second World War, the lighthouse remained off. In 1945, it reopened with oil as a source of energy. In 1982 the lighthouse was electrified as a supervised electrician. In 1991 an automatic electric lighthouse creates the occulting light that flashes white with a green sector and then dims 5s. Depending on where a ship is located in the channel the light appears white or green. The white light a range of 14m and the green light shows for 11m.

The ground floor of the building consists of 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a hall. The square masonry tower of 17m high communicates with the ground floor. It is located on the south-eastern edge of the eastern coast of the Oreon Strait and at a focal height of 9m.

The road is good, asphalted and reaches the lighthouse.