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Arkitsa 5670

The lighthouse was first operated in 1906, with oil as a source of energy. It is characterized by two white flashes that alternate with a constant flash every 10s. During the Second World War, it was left out and it started operating again in 1945 with oil as a source of energy. In 1977 the lighthouse was electrified, the oil lamps were replaced and started operating with two white flashes per 5s.

The building has a square shaped, stone-built tower which internally is of circular shape, 15m height. In the ground floor there are three bedrooms, a corridor and a WC with shower. Outside the main building there are two smaller ones, one functioning as a kitchen and the other as a storehouse for lighthouse materials. It is located in the homonymous cape 50m from the coast and has a focal height of 17m.

It can be reached easily by following the coastal road along the beach of the village.