Μετάφραση Greek Version

Kafkalida 2070

It was started in 1906 with oil as a source of energy, with a red flash of range of 14m. During the Second World War, the lighthouse remained off. In 1945, he reopened as supervised with oil as a source of energy. In 1990, the lighthouse was automated and transformed into a solar with a white flash per 10s and a range of 12m and a red flash per 10s and a range of 9m.
The building is a ground-floor house consisting of 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a hallway with a total covered area of ​​82m². The external tower has a square shape, the internal is circular of 2.2m diameter and a height of 15m. Near the house there is a stone-built building consisting of a storage room and a WC. The lighthouse is located west of Cape Chelonata or Glarentza on the island of Kafkalida and at a focal height of 19m.
The old building of the Lighthouse was granted to the Municipality of Castle of Kyllini for repair and restoration.