Monemvasia Lighthouse

Photo: © Υπηρεσία Φάρων Πολεμικού Ναυτικού

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Monemvasia Lighthouse 4020

This is a beautiful lighthouse on the rock of Monamvasia. A small passageway at the far end of the square leads you towards the lighthouse. It is an easy and nice walk well worth the effort. The lighthouse was established in 1896 and automated in 1955. Initially, operated with a dioptric oil lighting device, with a characteristic red light and a beam of 8 nautical miles. During World War II suffered severe damage and was extinguished, but it started operating again in 1945 after it was restored. The structure features a square stone tower with lantern attached to a 1-story stone keeper's house, and some additional auxiliary buildings. Inside the main building, a marble-carved spiral staircase leads to the lantern where the light machines are placed. Measuring 6,5 meters in height and with a focal height of 15 meters that flashes a white beacon every five seconds, the lighthouse is an interesting structure. Upon arrive at the lighthouse, admire the view and visit the museum that is housed in a room of an adjacent building. The museum is small but is a must as it is full of history and heritage. In 2015, the lighthouse was restored with funds from the European Union and still has a keeper responsible for the operation and its maintenance.


Square hut with metal framework