Μετάφραση Greek Version

Passas 7400

It was built in 1864, when the area was under the Ottoman Empire. He joined the Greek Lighthouse Network in 1913. During the Second World War it remained out of order and it re-opened in 1944, in the context of the reconstruction of the Lighthouses Network, with oil as a source of energy. In 1970 the oil machines were replaced and the lighthouse operated as an automatic acetylene torch, with two white flashes per 30s and a light range of 9nm. In 1995 the lighthouse was transformed into solar with two white flashes per 20s and a light range of 11nm.

The white tower is circular of 8.5m height and it is located east of the homonymous isle, 200m from the coast and at a focal height of 69m.

Access is via the Oinousses harbor to the beach of Faros and then by a 300m asphalt road to the lighthouse.