Μετάφραση Greek Version

Gavrio 8022

The lighthouse was built in 1874 with oil as a source of energy, with a red flash and a light range of 5n.m. During the Second World War, the lighthouse remained off. In the context of the reorganization of the Lighthouse Network, it re-opened in 1945 with oil as a source of energy. In 1953 the oil machines were replaced and the lighthouse operated as an automatic ascetiline torch until 1984. After that it was transformed into solar with a white flash per 6s and a light range of 8nm. The lighthouse stands inactive and ruined for several years with damaged cage and lighting machine. Its function has been replaced by automatic chorodiktyomatiko lantern mounted on a tower. Following the actions of the voluntary working group, the building of the lighthouse was considered by the Council of Modern Monuments a preserved monument in its two-layered form.

The tower is circular with a height of 8m, with a house of two floors for the lightsmen. It is one of the few lighhousess of the Greek grid that the house of guardians has two floors and is the only case with the external stairs.(in other cases the stairway is inside the tower).

The lighthouse is located on the west coast of Andros, at the point of Kastri, at a focal height of 68m and the access is by boat from the port of Gavrio.

Metal framework with gallery