The Dana Lighthouse

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The Dana Lighthouse 4400

The lighthouse has been used as a guide for vessels entering the narrow passage between Poros and the opposite Peloponnesian coast since 1870. The Dana Lighthouse was constructed by the French Company of Lighthouses on the north coast of Poros island, 31 meters (102 feet) above sea level, and in clear weather should be seen at a distance of 14 nautical miles. The structure consists of a 9-meter square tower rising from a rectangular dwelling. The light was put off during World War II and was not relighted until 1948. In 1952, the kerosene light was converted to acetylene gas and in 1989 a modern solarized beacon was installed on a metal skeleton tower in front of the lighthouse. The last lightkeeper left in 1954 and since then the dwelling remains abandonded.

In 2011, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation completed a total restoration of the structure. The lighthouse is about 6km from Poros Town and in order to reach it, you will need to head to the opposite end of the island where it is located and take a path from the quiet beach of Gerolimenas. It is fairly easy to get there and the path is perfect for the whole family. It is well marked and there are yellow arrows painted on several rocks to help you not to get lost. The Dana Lighthouse is one of the prettiest stone-built lighthouses in Greece and an important monument of modern maritime history and heritage. Apart from being an iconic place, it offers magnificent views across the Saronic Gulf and the Methana peninsula, and is a great place to watch the sunset and have romantic moments.

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