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Intercity Buses

KTEL is the main intercity public transport bus service in Greece, operated by more than 60 public bus companies. Private intercity bus companies exist, but they mainly operate international routes. Domestic Intercity buses have always been the umbilical cord that connects the small and distant regions and villages of Greece to the larger cities and capitals of each prefecture. Thousands of such buses conduct almost 80% of all passenger transportation throughout Greece. The quality of the bus service is fairly good with the majority of intercity buses to be in good condition. Tickets for domestic bus lines can be purchased at the bus station or though the online sale system.

In Athens operate two terminals, serving different locations. One located at Patisia, known as “Liosion Bus Station” serving all routes to Central Greece and Thessaly, and Athens “Kifissos” Bus Station that serves the rest of the country. Both terminals provide ATM, toilets, kiosks and bars for food and drinks. The main buildings are old and inadequate for a city like Athens but there are plans for the construction of a new terminal, that will be serve all routes in Greece. The construction works are scheduled to begin in 2023 and the terminal will be operational in 2025.

Kifissos Bus Terminal

Information: 210 5124910 - 210 5124911

Liosion Bus Bus Terminal

Information: 210 8317186