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Region of Ioannina

Ioannina is the largest regional unit in Epirus, and one of the largest regional units of Greece. It borders with Albania in the north, the regional units of Kastoria in the northeast, Grevena and Trikala in the east, Arta in the southeast, Preveza in the south and Thesprotia in the southwest and west. Ioannina is a mountainous region, dominated by the Pindus mountains, that cover the eastern part of the regional unit.

Dense forests, rivers, stone bridges, monuments and paths of stunning natural beauty make the county a popular destination all year round. The traditional villages are unique examples of architectural tradition, historic churches and monasteries on steep slopes impress the visitor, stone bridges, each with its own history invite the visitor to cross them following stone-built paths of incredible natural beauty. The Prefecture of Ioannina is known for the rare fauna and flora, which grows mainly in the mountains and in contrast to other areas of Greece has a unique ecosystem, which has not been degraded by human activities.

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