Imeri Gramvousa Islet

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Imeri Gramvousa Islet

Imeri Gramvousa is an uninhabited islet next to the northwest end of Chania, across from the Gramvousa peninsula, 2 miles northwest of the famous lagoon of Balos. It is famous for its beautiful beach with its fantastic blue water, its lonely shipwreck and its imposing Venetian castle. Gramvousa in antiquity was called Korykos. Its current name probably comes from the Venetian word Garabuse. The is protected under Natura 2000 program as it hosts many species of birds.

The construction of the Venetian castle which is located at a height of 137m. started in 1584 and the castle was used by both the Venetians and the locals during the revolution against the Turks. It is built above the natural port of the island and was built on plans and under the supervision of Latino Orsini. There is a legend telling that there is a great treasure buried in the island. Access to the castle is via a path and the hike takes about 10-15 minutes. The church of Panagia Kleftrina can be found inside the castle. The view from up there is breathtaking and definitely it is worth a visit.

On the beach of the islet there is the small chapel of Holy Apostles and a coffee shop. The shipwreck is located on the south side of the islet between two large bays. The rusty trunk of the ship is an integral part of the landscape and one of the main attractions of the islet.

During the summer months daily boat cruises are organized from the port of Kissamos in Chania. The trips stop here before continuing their journey to the famous lagoon of Balos. The trip from Kissamos to the islet lasts about 1 hour. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the castle, take a close look of the shipwreck and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters. The beach has sand with rocks in some places while there are some trees offering natural shade.