Cheese of Sikinos

Sikinos produces a variety of cheese, sour milk, dry cheese, fresh cheese and the cheese of Sikinos.

Τhyme honey of Sikinos

Sikinos also produces honey from which with sesame seeds, sesame produced. The honey produced by local producers has intense flavor and color.

Wine of Sikinos

Sikinos has excellent quality wines that can be purchased from the island's shops.

Pasteli of Sikonos

Pastel is made from the local thyme honey of the island and sesame seeds. You will find it in all stores.

Olive Οil and Οlives of Sikinos

The local products produced in Sikinos are few but all pure and very tasty. The island produces virgin olive oil of exceptional quality since there are many olive trees on the island.

Arseniko of Sikinos

The male Sikinos has nothing to do with the Naxos male, since it is a soft cheese made from whole sheep's or goat's milk. An equal amount of fresh milk and whey is used in the preparation. It has a cylindrical shape, pale yellow color and sweet taste, but it becomes sour as it passes weeks after its production.