Gylomeni manoura

It is a unique local buttery cheese, with a special and a quite spicy flavor made from sheep and goat milk and, once ripened, is covered with wine sediments (lees) and kept in jars for further maturation. In the jar, the aromas from the wine sediments (lees) and the savory penetrate the cheese and make it delicious.


It is a rich sweet pumpkin pie, made with yellow pumpkin and flavored with cinnamon, orange, clove, honey and raisins.

Xynomizithra of Sifnos

This is a creamy cheese, with sourish taste, which blends excellently in salads. Spread it on bread or a rusk and you can have an excellent snack for your ouzo or wine.


It is looks a lot like the famous cream cheese and you can founded only on Easter.


Μelopita (like gingerbread) a special sweet and juicy pastry is made with anthotyra and honey, flavored with cinnamon. Melopita (Gingerbread) is a traditional Easter dessert of the island, but in recent years you can find it in the summer in various patisseries of the island.


The island, since ancient times, has a great tradition in pottery, an art which is still practiced to date. Many young Sifnians potters work the clay with excellent results giving a unique character in their creations. Pottery shops can be found throughout the island. Buy utilitarian items (cups, cookware, trays, etc.), or decoratives in soft or bold colors, with elaborate designs or leaner decorations.


Due to the abundance of minerals (gold and silver) that existed in the mines of the island, Sifnians developed the art of silversmithing from ancient times demonstrating once more miraculous results by manufacturing world-renowned works. This art is still practiced by silver-goldsmiths in Sifnos until today.

Τhyme honey of Sifnos

The production is not particularly large and its quantity dependents on the weather; the end-product, however, is excellent. Golden yellow, clear and uniquely scented by thymes which are abundant throughout Sifnos.

Capers of Sifnos

If you are fond of capers, surely you will enjoy it in Sifnos as it exists in abundance around the island and is available for sale.


Is a cheese with milder, fresh taste which is softer and not dipped into wine sediments (lees) and has a short expiry date.

Chickpeas of Sifnos

Sifnos is well-known for its chickpeas soup. The tradition of the island says that the households roast the recipe in the wood-oven every Sunday and serve it at the family table, a tradition that follows all the restaurants of Sifnos.

Sweets of Sifnos

In all traditional pastry workshops you can find scones, anise cookies, biscuits and fragrant cakes can be purchased from local bakeries. You will find honeyed, fragrant and soft nougat (without added sugar), almond macaroons (both baked and in the casserole), patties stuffed with nuts, Turkish delight and fragrant vanilla sweet.

Herbs of Sifnos

You will find herbs for beverages and for cooking (sage, oregano, thyme, wild mint, marjoram, savory, etc.) in many shops fresh or dried.